Be pressure proof.

Learn how to train and think so you can perform your best under any conditions.

Presented by Kathy Keats, 3-sport international competitor and world champion.

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Think about training in a completely different way.

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With your great online courses, I felt enough calmness and power to run the finals clean, a momentous occasion for me and all I ever wanted to accomplish.

Thank You.

—Marianne D.

In this webinar series on Dealing With Pressure, you will learn...

- how pressure prevents you from performing as well as you train.

- why mental game and skill training should be integrated, rather than thought of separately.

- the difference between training to build a skill and training to perform...and why most handlers don't.

- how to train to pressure-proof your skills like other high-performance athletes so you are insulated from the worst effects of pressure and able to perform at your best. 

- to use pressure to improve your resilience while finding a healthy balance.

- use pressure to access your superhero powers of more focus, endurance and speed.

- novel concepts taken from elite sport to prepare you for performance not usually included in most agility training programs.

- advanced strategies to deal with adversity in competition. 

- how to handle increasing pressure when things start going really, really, unbelievably well and you feel the pressure building. 

- ...and many more!

- plus live question period at end of teaching session.


BONUSES (value of $97):

  • 2 x 60+ minute replays
  • 2 x 60+ minute downloadable audio
  • Transcriptions
  • Comments section to ask questions before and after
  • Lifetime access


The live webinar dates are Saturday, Jan 2, 2021 and Saturday, Jan 9, 2021 at 12 noon Eastern (Toronto/New York).

Even if you are unable to make it live, you will have lifetime access to the replays, downloadable audio and transcripts, and will be able to ask questions in a comments section before and after the webinar.


About your presenter...

Kathy Keats has represented Canada in international competition in three completely different sports: basketball, dog agility and sheepdog trialing. She has won national and world championships, coached at the university and international level and is a graduate of the National Coaching Institute. Kathy is a peak performance and mindset expert who has helped dog sport competitors achieve their dreams from making world teams to winning national and world championships — and helped thousands of handlers improve their mental game.

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